Green Peppercorns

Green peppercorns are hand picked from the same vine, Piper Nigrum,  that produces black and white peppercorn.  These three types of peppercorns differ on the way they were picked and handled.  While black peppercorn is hand picked when not yet ripe, and white peppercorns are hand picked when the berries are fully ripened, green peppercorns are hand picked while the fruit is still  immature and packed in brine.

Green peppercorns can be bought in the market  fresh, dried or preserved in brine or vinegar solution.   They are always bought whole.  They can be preserved in vinegar solution for a number of weeks in the refrigerator after opening the bottle.  Just make sure that the peppercorns remain covered with liquid for them to stay fresh and flavorful.

Green peppercorns should be rinsed in cold water before using them. You can use green peppercorns in any dish that you can add black peppercorns to, it's just that they have a milder flavor compared to black and white peppercorns and can give elegant flavor to your dishes.  It compliments the taste and enhances the flavor of steamed fish.  You can also try green peppercorns on salads, steamed vegetables, sauces and fruity tasting foods.  French and Thai cuisines are well known for their dishes using green peppercorns. 

Just like the other two types of peppercorns, green peppercorns also has its health benefits.  Since they are all from one fruit, peppercorns no matter what color, is a good antioxidant.  Peppercorns helps in reducing the amount of gas in the intestines thus prevents bloating and flatulence. It also helps to prevent bacteria from developing in our intestinal tracts.

Although it can stimulate digestive secretions, which results to good digestion, green peppercorns should be used in moderation since they also have the tendency to be an irritant if taken uncontrollably.

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