Black Peppercorns

Black peppercorns are the still green berries from a pepper plant which was cooked in hot water and dried up in the sun or by using a machine. This spice originated from India, which nowadays is grown in some countries in Southeast Asia. 

Pepper, just like other spices, has its own health benefits as well.  Black pepper oil gives relief to aching muscles and joints whether due to arthritis, rheumatism or sports related injuries.

It can also help our stomach in releasing gas and aids in metabolism and digestion of food.

Black pepper is also rich in manganese and iron which are some essential nutrients of a healthy body.

It can help you sweat more, which can be very helpful to lower down fever, and it is also considered as a very powerful anti-oxidant.

If you are suffering from lung or chest infection, try sipping a cup of mint tea with black pepper.  It will help you cough out sticky mucus and phlegm.

Black pepper is available in whole or ground.  Most people prefer buying whole black peppercorns since freshly ground black pepper is more flavorful than that of ground pepper.  You can actually store whole black peppercorns for an indefinite time and you don't need to worry about loosing its flavor and aroma.

Black peppercorn is one of the most versatile among spices.  It can be added to any dish that you can imagine, from appetizer, soup, main dish, salads and even deserts.  It can be rubbed into meat, chicken and fish before roasting or frying.  It can also add flavor to sauces and dips.  Black pepper is a very essential ingredient to have a delicious salad dressing.  You can also add a twist to your favorite cookies and cakes by adding freshly ground black pepper and enjoy a sweet and spicy treat.


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