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Flavorbank - The Highest Quality Salts Worldwide Professional chefs identify salt as the single most important ingredient in the kitchen. Not only is salt life-sustaining, but how zestless would our lives be without the flavor enhancing effects of salt? Flavorbank's line of sea salts range from the Brittany coast of France to the red clay of Hawaii — each with their own distinctive flavors and characteristics. Our salts contain no additives, just great tasting, all natural, gourmet salt that greatly enhances the flavor of foods. Read our Gourmet Guide to see what is the best Salts to use in your cooking! 
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Coarse Sea Salt Crystals

Coarse Sea Salt Crystals (4.7 oz. Package) Sun purified, all-natural sea salt. Acclaimed by chefs as being as essential to fine food as freshly ground pepper. $5.00



Brittany Grey Sea Salt

Brittany Grey Sea Salt (4.3 oz. Package) Harvested from the North-Atlantic coast of Europe, this salt is rich in calcium and potassium. These crytals are slightly moist and have a flavorful, briny quality. $7.00



Black Sanchal Sea Salt

Black Sanchal Sea Salt (4.9 oz. Package) Finely ground Black Sea Salt, also known as Kala Namak Salt. Mined from the volcanic regions of Pakistan and India. Black Sea Salt has a mildly sulfuric flavor. Used in many dishes in southern Asia. $9.00



Sassy Sea Salt Blend

Sassy Sea Salt Blend (3.6 oz. Package) A sassy blend of Coarse Sea Salt, garlic, onion, jalapeno and lemon peel for a fiesty mingling of savory flavors that will excite your palate. Use on everything from baked potatoes to eggs. A personal favorite for seasoning water for boiling pasta or potatoes. $7.00



Kosher Pure Sea Salt

Kosher Pure Sea Salt (4.6 oz. Package) Freshly ground, feathered and free of additives that could make your liquids, juices and sauces cloudy. Preferred by true connoisseurs as more pure and flavorful to their gourmet meals. $5.00



Bolivian Rose Andes Mountain Salt

Bolivian Rose Andes Mountain Salt (4.9 oz. Package) Bolivian Rose Salt, hand harvested from the Andes Mountain range in Bolivia where ancient sea salt deposits were covered with volcanic lava. This has protected the salt from pollution and also given it its high mineral content. The light rose and orange color of Bolivian Rose Salt makes it perfect for presentation in a clear salt shaker or mill.   $8.00



Alae Hawaiian Sea Salt

Alae Hawaiian Sea Salt (4.9 oz. Package) The red clay of Hawaii gives this Alae Salt its unique flavor and color. Claimed by natives to hold medicinal properties because of its high mineral content.  $8.00


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