Peppercorns and Gourmet Cuisine

Peppercorn is a fruit that has been used to flavor foods for thousands of years in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. This spice is considered one of the most valuable seasonings within Asia and it's used for flavoring food. The seasoning pepper is derived from peppercorns and it comes in two primary varieties which are black and white. Black pepper is consumed by many people throughout the world and they too use it to spice up their meals. White pepper is also used to spice up different types of foods though it is not as strong as black pepper.

Ancient people who could afford peppercorn would trade this spice as a form of money and they would ingest it for medicinal purposes. Peppercorn is known within the medical field to fight germs and to improve the digestive system. Some medical research speculates that pepper has the ability to fight colon cancer though the evidence for this claim cannot be proven. India is home to peppercorn and it is derived from the Piperaceae tree. Indian cuisine calls for black pepper within many of its dishes and the Chinese have been known to use this spice as well.

Other varieties of foods such as those found in Jamaica, the United States, Egypt and Madagascar all add black pepper within their dishes. Chinese cuisine have dishes such as peppercorn chicken where black, red and white pepper is put into the dish as one of the main ingredients. Other cultures such as Mexico use black pepper as a part of their seasoning for tacos, burritos and other Mexican dishes. Americans use black pepper to spice up chicken, ground beef and many other types of meats and poultry such as steaks and fish. Pepper is also used on eggs and many people within the United States have at least one container of pepper on hand to provide flavoring to food when needed.

Peppercorn not only comes in the black and white forms there are also red, pink, green and orange varieties. Each of these different types of peppercorns have a different and unique flavor. Pink pepper has the taste of regular pepper when it first encounters a person's taste buds but it eventually turns sweet as it dissolves on their tongue. Green pepper has a milder taste than regular black pepper. Red peppercorn has a sweet and mellow taste and do not have the spicy taste as black pepper. Orange peppercorn has a taste similar to red peppercorn.

Chef's from all over the world pay homage to pepper and they respect it as the king of spices. Many great culinary chef's learn how to blend pepper with other spices in order to enhance a food's natural flavor. Chef's who are experienced with creating new dishes with peppercorn have been able to manufacture some of the most original tasting foods on the planet. Any serious chef understands that pepper is the most important spice at their disposal. Without peppercorn their dishes would lose its essence and lack substance and their dishes would probably be boring and bland. 

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