Flavorbank - The Highest Quality Peppercorns, Salts, Spices, Chili Peppers and Sugars Worldwide Flavorbank has created the perfect gift sets for everyone who appreciates the finest in gourmet peppercorns and gourmet decorating sugar crystals. Enjoy our choice of collections. 
Sampler Packs The Flavorbank Sampler Packs contain one tube each of six items. Display Stand not included.
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Peppercorn & Salt Collection

Peppercorn & Salt Collection Tellicherry Black Peppercorns (2.2 oz), Lampong Black Peppercorns (2.3 oz), Pepper Royale (2.3 oz), Whole Garlic Pepper (2.7 oz), Pot Peppourri (2.3 oz), Coarse Sea Salt Crystals (4.7 oz) $35.50



Fine Peppercorn Collection

Fine Peppercorns Collection Malabar Black Peppercorns (2.2 oz), Chinese Szechuan Peppercorns (1.4 oz), Muntok White Peppercorns (2.7 oz), Pepper Rosé (1.2 oz), Brazilian Green Peppercorns (1.1 oz), Whole Lemon Pepper (2.6 oz). $41.00



Peppercorns & Crystals Collection

Peppercorns & Crystals Collection Whole Onion Pepper (2.7 oz), Black & White Peppercorns (2.4 oz), Joe's Special Blend (2.2 oz), Muntok White Peppercorns (2.7 oz), Perky Pepper (2.3 oz), Sassy Sea Salt (3.6 oz). $38.00



Savory Salt Collection

Savory Salt Collection Coarse Sea Salt Crystals (4.7 oz), Brittany Grey Sea Salt (4.3 oz), Black Sanchal Sea Salt (4.9 oz), Sassy Sea Salt Blend (3.6 oz), Kosher Pure Sea Salt (4.6 oz), Alae Hawaiian Sea Salt (4.9 oz). $38.00



Hot Chili Collection 

Hot Chili Collection Diablo Red Chili Powder (2.6 oz), Ancho Chili Powder (2.8 oz), Diced Jalapeno Peppers (2.7 oz), Chipotle Chili Powder (2.6 oz), Chili Seasoning (2.6 oz), Cayenne Pepper (2.6 oz).$30.00



Decadent Delights Collection

Decadent Delights Collection Gourmet Decorating Sugar Crystals - Sparkling Confetti (4.1 oz), Blushing Pink (4.1 oz), Vibrant Red (4.1 oz), Fool's Gold (4.1 oz), Emerald Green (4.1 oz), Dazzling White (4.1 oz). $27.00



Decadent Crystals Collection

Decadent Crystals Collection Gourmet Decorating Sugar Crystals - Hawaiian Raw (3.6 oz), Bewitching Black (4.1 oz), Outrageous Orange (4.1 oz), Impetuous Purple (4.1 oz), Beguiling Blue (4.1 oz), Radiant Rainbow (4.1 oz). $27.00



Sweet Spice Collection

Sweet Spice Collection Cinnamon Sticks (1.4 oz), Whole Cloves (1.4 oz),  Whole Nutmeg (1.8 oz), Spice Delight (1.4 oz), Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Whole Allspice (1.4 oz). $36.00



Veggie and Fruit Collection

Veggie & Fruit Ingredients Collection   Diced Dried Tomato Flakes (1.5 oz), Diced Dried Onion Flakes (2.2 oz), Vegetable Blend (2.2 oz), Lemon Peel Granules (2.8 oz), Diced Dried Celery (1.5 oz), Diced Dried Garlic Granules (2.8 oz). $18.00



We offer six custom designed gift sets in the following combinations: (All gift sets are available throughout the year.) (Gift Sets are 3-inch tubes in groups of 4.)

Gourmet Peppercorn Gift Set   

Gourmet Peppercorn Gift Set (4.7 oz. Package) Tellicherry (.9 oz), Pepper Royale (.9 oz), Garlic Pepper (1.0 oz), Coarse Sea Salt (1.9 oz) $10.00



Valentine's Day Gift Set

Valentine's Day Gourmet Decorating Sugar Gift Set (6.0 oz. Package) 1.5 oz each of: Sparkling Confetti, Vibrant Red, Blushing Pink, Dazzling White. $6.00



Spring Gift Set

Spring Gourmet Decorating Sugar Gift Set (6.0 oz. Package) 1.5 oz each of: Blushing Pink, Impetuous Purple, Emerald Green, Fool's Gold. $6.00



Summer Gift Set

Summer/4th of July Gourmet Decorating Sugar Gift Set (6.0 oz. Package) 1.5 oz each of: Sparkling Confetti, Vibrant Red, Dazzling White, Beguiling Blue. $6.00



Autumn Gift Set

Autumn Gourmet Decorating Sugar Gift Sets (6.0 oz. Package) 1.5 oz each of: Outrageous Orange, Bewitching Black, Fool's Gold, Hawaiian Natural Raw. $6.00



Christimas Gift Set

Christmas Gourmet Decorating Sugar Gift Set (6.0 oz. Package) 1.5 oz each of: Sparkling Confetti, Vibrant Red, Emerald Green, Dazzling White. $6.00



Peppercorns Gift Sets Make the Perfect Gift!

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